James Aldridge



This award-winning garden is located on the Thames at Putney, and the river provided the main source of inspiration for the design.

The garden is split into two separate levels. The first, a polished concrete terrace, runs out from the main living space. This cantilevers out over an ornamental pool that runs the full width of the garden. Three COR-TEN steel spouts bring the sound of moving water into the garden and create an air of tranquility.

The lower terrace is reached by a flight of metal steps over the pool. The paving, composed of granite setts in four shades of grey, is based on a painting by Bridget Riley and echoes the lines and ripples of the river. COR-TEN steel is used throughout the scheme to create subtle detailing on bench uprights, paving edges and step risers and is further echoed in the planting. Three mature specimen Strawberry trees help to frame views and bring a sense of maturity to the scheme.

Photography: James Aldridge

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