James Aldridge



This Knightsbridge rooftop was a chance to explore some unusual colour combinations as the client had requested a distinctive solution for this intimate roof terrace.

A beautifully proportioned rectangle of black marble pebbles forms the paving surface at the heart of this terrace framed by a raised hardwood border and deck.

Privacy from surrounding houses is provided by horizontal timber slats of varied widths, these gently faded timbers and warm grey walls provide a soothing backdrop to the colour accents.

The focus of the scheme is a geometric group of nine square cubes glowing like blocks of amber when illuminated at night.

Polished concrete containers in simple silhouettes are planted with yellow caned Bamboo and a hardy Aloe from South Africa provides the graphic planting element of this scheme.

The composition is completed with the addition of striking contemporary furniture in charcoal and acid green.

Photography: Andrew Lawson

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