James Aldridge



With a new family on the way the client asked for a large multi-use space that would be easy to maintain and look wonderful throughout the year.

The house was to be remodelled with a large family kitchen at its heart. By sliding back a wall of glass doors its volume is suddenly doubled by the physical addition of this outdoor room.

The internal floor flows out onto a beautifully proportioned deck that extends almost to the boundaries of the property. The vertical sides of the garden are a balance of gently faded timber slats and scented green wall, formed by training evergreen climbers over a bespoke metal framework. A cutout within this framework reveals the boundary wall tiled with white pebbles. This gently textured backdrop offsets the clean vertical stems of the primitive Horsetail that form a band of minimal planting at the rear of the garden. The only other plant used within the scheme is a sculptural Fig tree which acts as a counterbalance to the architectural planting.

A white concrete bar was created as a useful surface for entertaining and to provide storage space. This extends the line of the internal work surface and helps to reinforce the sense of inside outside space.

As with all our schemes, creative lighting is used to highlight the major features and extend the gardens usability.

Photography: Andrew Lawson

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