James Aldridge


Chelsea II

This secluded garden wraps around three sides of the house providing intimate spaces connected by a long narrow path. The garden is a calm inward looking retreat from the hectic city beyond its walls.

The client wished to have a garden that complimented the strong interior of their home and one that would look great throughout the year whilst requiring low levels of maintenance.

Planting is composed of strong architectural elements to balance the generous floating limestone steps. Four mature box-headed Hornbeams provide the overhead structure which are balanced with large domes of English Yew. The boundaries are clothed with tall narrow hedges of sweet bay and flowering evergreen climbers that fill the garden with scent in high summer.

The surfaces are restricted to sawn pale limestone and irregular marble cobbles that give the garden a rich texture.

Key features of the garden are illuminated at night to spectacular effect.

Photography: © Marianne Majerus

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