James Aldridge


Belgravia II

This unusual roof terrace in Belgravia sits just above street level, is partly enclosed by the high walls of adjacent buildings, and is reached by a footbridge. The space had a very dynamic feel, which was our starting point.

To unify the space we decked the main terrace in faded grey timbers and coloured the surrounding walls in warm grey. This provided a calm backdrop for the abundant planting.

In order to make the space feel more comfortable and less exposed we introduced a grid of nine multi-stemmed white birch trees planted in polished concrete containers. These helped to link the terrace to the surrounding gardens and provide privacy. We also added groups of taupe clay pots filled with long stemmed lavender that provided both a physical barrier and a visual one from adjoining properties.

The lightwell below the footbridge was abundantly planted so it now feels like walking over a jungle ravine when accessing the roof terrace.

Photography: Andrew Lawson

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