James Aldridge



The brief for this split-level roof terrace in Belgravia was to create a serene outdoor room.

To give a strong sense of light and space, pale limestone paving was used throughout the scheme. This choice was reinforced by selecting materials of similar colours and differing textures for all other elements of the terrace. The rear wall of the site was clad in horizontal bands of split pebbles dramatically illuminated from above at night.

As the immediate surroundings were unsightly the terrace was enclosed with screens of Western Red Cedar and now the eye is carried out to views of distant trees. 

The planting is confined to a series of simple containers with beautiful stone finishes. A large Lemon tree provides fruit throughout the year and fills the terrace with delicious scent in early summer. Other containers are filled with exotic white Agapanthus, which flowers continuously during the summer.

Bronze coloured armchairs and a sofa make an uplifting contrast to the subtle background colouring.

Photography: James Aldridge

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